Take Two is a series in which we identify specific garments that can be sourced vintage or sustainably instead of buying new. The goal of this series is to inspire the purchase of a second-hand, deadstock, or re-worked piece in the place of virgin garments.

An oversized blazer is uncontestedly one of the most versatile pieces you can own. An iconic staple, it's the solution every time an occasion begets a jacket.

What doesn't look good with it?

Worn with jeans and flats, you have a casual girly outfit. Worn with a kitten heel and mini dress, you have a sleek evening ensemble. Worn with sweatpants and New Balances, you have the coolest airport or coffee run fit.


We believe that a garment so versatile is intrinsically sustainable. Not only will it complement and elevate your existing closet-- discouraging you from buying more-- but it will also suffice in many situations, ultimately leading you to need fewer jackets.

When flying to New York, I wear the same oversized blazer for the cold plane, for chilly nights (in the spring), for museum visits, and to dress up casual outfits.

Flying internationally for a spring week in Rome, the only jacket I brought was my black oversized blazer.

It's no wonder that this garment has made its way into every cool girl closet. It can be designer– think YSL or The Row– or it can be vintage. Maybe you've seen it on Hailey Bieber, or maybe you've seen it on a stylish friend.

The best thing about an oversized blazer is the fact that it's accessible. Although many top houses make an oversized blazer and A-listers are always wearing them, it's easy to make it your own.