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Tell us about yourself.

Hiiii I’m one of the co-founders of Riebirth and Campbell&Kramer, our sustainable clothing brand, with my best friend Alden Kramer. I passionately believe in shopping vintage, secondhand, and small sustainable brands. You’re supporting another small business, ethically made high quality products and the hard working women who provide them, and get to wear the coolest unique pieces no one else has…wins all around <3

Where are you living?

Los Angeles! Since the UCLA days <3

My favorite thing about LA is the variation. One day I could be riding my bike down California Incline and rotting on the beach, and the next I could be climbing a mountain, eating at the newest Eater recommended Michelin guide restaurant or scouring through the Fashion District in 1 of 2 dead stock fabric warehouses in the country. The possibilities are endless, and it allows me to access my favorite things: nature, amazing food, and fashion duhhhhh ;)

Favorite vintage/secondhand store?

Heart and Lou’s Soho has the best curation in my opinion. Alden and I met Heartleigh last year and immediately fell in love with her eye and how she sources from Italy. She is the sweetest and we’re so happy to sell some of her pieces on Riebirth. My favorite piece I’ve bought from there is this beautiful asymmetrical maxi denim skirt with Japanese inspired art on green denim panels. It’s insane, I’ve never seen anything like it and I always get so many compliments when i wear it (plus im a quarter Japanese so it just feels like it was meant for me to find <3)

Best purchase you've made?

Ever? Omg. I’d have to say the first $50 I spent at the thrift store on fabric freshman year at UCLA that Alden and I sewed into our first C&K pieces, out of our dorm, construction was…not the best…but it pushed us to make our site and Instagram and our first sales to our friends on campus. We never looked back and if my 18 year old self could see our pieces now and how amazing the quality is, she would DIEEEEE!

Something more tangible though…my Orseund Iris circle tote or my Canon A1 film camera but that was a gift from my boyfriend lol. But I bought the tote in 2019…5 years ago wow, when it was $30 and I’ve used it almost every day since. Functional but unique and looks cute with any outfit no matter how casual or chic you’re feeling. Fun fact one time I was walking in Brooklyn in their iconic tube tank and Lana’s sister stopped me and said hi, I love to see people wearing my sister’s OI designs IRL and it was the sweetest thing. Lana will always be such an inspiration for me and I love watching OI grow.

Go-to outfit?

Lately a C&K Aurora halter top (been loving orchid or midnight for day, any lace colorway for night) paired with low waisted vintage Levi’s shorts and a heeled sandal, my mom’s vintage micro mini denim skirt or our C&K warm leopard Demeter maxi skirt. I find myself reaching for my C&K every morning which is the goal…to create unique elevated basics you’ll wear everyday…around the house or dress them up for a night out.

Style icon.

MY MOM!!!! Literally 90% of my wardrobe consists of my mom’s old clothes from the 90s and 2000s. She has the best taste and has always worked in luxury eyewear so I grew up surrounded by constant Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel samples. I style almost every C&K shoot with her pieces too, basically the entire Aurora Collection shoot is paired with my mama’s clothes. They’ll stay in the fam forever.

Quote or advice to live by.

Cheesy but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Grew up being told this in terms of soccer, but I think it applies to everything. If Alden and I hadn’t met as UCLA roommates and inspired each other to jump into starting a business together at 18 years old with no prior knowledge, we wouldn’t be here today, working toward our dreams. If I hadn’t DM’d Ella McFadin on Instagram back when we had 100 followers and hand dyed/sewed all the pieces ourselves, then she wouldn’t have ever posted our sets which led to an influencer domino effect and eventually Madison Beer, Addison Rae, Stassy etc all sliding in our DMs. TAKE THAT SHOT EVEN IF IT’S A LONG ONE!

Current top 3 favorite songs.

I’ve been very into my Spotify soul mix and listening to Lady Wray on repeat. Her voice just warms my soul right up. I’ve loved Guilty forever, Piece of Me, and my boyfriend heard Come On In first in a coffee shop in Switzerland. We’ve listened to her almost every day around the house since and am beyond excited to see her live at Outside Lands in August.

Favorite restaurant.

I recently tried Dudley Market in Venice and it was amazing. I sat outside at golden hour, you can see the ocean from your seat and the string lights and orange wines are such a vibe. Not to mention the yellowtail crudo, fresh caught fish tacos and wagyu burger omg I’m hungry thinking about it. Gracie Abrams sat next to us too so you could say it’s Gracie approved ;) sooooooo you should definitely try when on the west side.

Your ideal Friday night.

Ahhhhh depends on my mood. On one hand I love having no plans, staying in with the girls or my boyfriend opening a bottle of wine, making a huge home cooked meal and watching old films while eating snacks all night long. On the other hand, I grew up in competitive dance so I do craveeeeee going dancing too after a big dinner/drinks out with friends <3

Signature fragrance?

I’ve never had one…lame I know but I always just use what I have on hand! YSL recently sent me their Libre perfume (like for me?? what?? so sweet of them). The bottle is stunning and I’ve been wearing it for the last few months…gotten complements every time I wear so I’m loving it.

Top 10 picks from Riebirth.

1. C&K Demeter Long Sleeve Top in Midnight - a staple everyone needs in their closet I’ve worn it at least once a week since we made them

2. C&K Aurora Halter Top in Midnight - been throwing on every day this summer so easy, sculpting, buttery soft and SEXY

3. C&K Aurora Halter Top in Sandstone Lace - my go to going out top, or in Midnight Lace with our Demeter maxi skirt in warm leopard

4. C&K Demeter Maxi Dress (or Top/Skirt set) in Daffodil - buttery yellow is everything to me

5. Belle the Label Perla Bikini - wore it to a pool party last weekend and have never gotten so many complements on a bikini before

6. Atlas Vintage Laurel vintage Levi’s jeans in medium wash. the cut in the back is perfect and the hand screen printed details inspired by old English text make my heart sing (Ald and I screen printed them ourselves too)

7. Heart and Lou’s vintage Celine black stretch capris. Someone snag now or I’ll have to…

8. Tootsie Jewelry Cross my Heart Necklace…perfectly chunky unique and beautiful

9. Riebirth designer consignment Burgundy aviator glasses or white glasses with the gold flower detail on the arms (both vintage, never been worn Dolce and Gabbana)

10. Riebirth designer consignment YSL black kitten heel sling backs or the Gucci red padlock bag AHH!

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