It was Spring 2018. I was excitedly, anxiously, and feverishly scrolling through Facebook groups, looking at all of these girls’ posts who were admitted to UCLA and looking for a roommate. 

I saw a posting from Presley Campbell. She’s cute. Good style. Plays soccer. Lives in OC. Economics major. “Likes fashion,” like the other 99+ girls in this group. I see some similarities we can bond over. 

I proceeded to the next stage of roommate courtship: following her on Instagram. Seeing that my gesture was well-received, I DM’ed her. Turns out, we applied to almost all of the same schools, we loved all of the same stores, we ate at the same restaurants; the small talk escalated to roommate proposals and acceptances. 

Throughout the school year, Presley and my relationship flourished through weekends at Melrose trading post, frequent thrift shopping, days in West Hollywood, excursions to American Rag, and online shopping sessions. Fashion– the broad topic that umbrellas lifestyle, clothing, accessories, designers, stories, brands, business, and more– was always a conversational centerpiece. Nuanced topics within fashion– specifically the environmental cost of certain materials, the scale of production practiced by certain brands, the quality of life of garment workers, etc– were never ignored in our parlance. Common recurring questions such as “What if you could buy ethically-made clothes at Forever 21 price point?” and “What if Reformation weren’t the ONLY on-trend sustainable brand for our age group?” floated in and out of our discussions. 

Personally, since third grade I have been sketching outfits for a brand that didn’t quite launch, “Glowing Fashions,” or as my childhood best friend and I coined it, “GF.” In high school, I would buy a couple of yards of mesh or stretchy cotton and try my hand at tube tops and mini skirts. During my first year at college, before starting Campbell&Kramer, I eagerly applied to multi-brand boutiques, DTC retailers, e-commerce platforms, and PR firms. To my utter shock, academic performance wasn't as valuable as years of experience in the industry. Then came the question some college students face, “How do I get experience if everyone requires that I have some experience to start?” Starting my own brand could prove my capabilities. 

I had my motivations to pilot a clothing collection, and Presley had hers. Together, we asked ourselves, why not try to launch our own collection? 

It was Spring 2019. We were in our tiny dorm sketching designs that we could string together with commonly-found thrift store items, with old UCLA gear, with excess fabric. Acknowledging our limitations in garment-making forced us to brainstorm creative ideas that could compliment our skill level.

We announced Campbell&Kramer to our friends via Instagram in Spring 2019. Since its inception, it has taken turns, halts, stops, and sprints. We experiment, succeed, fail, and learn. We roll with the punches and enjoy the ride. 

Campbell&Kramer features a curated vintage collection, laid-back knits, and couture capsules. 

Our vintage collection offers truly one-of-a-kind garments that have experienced entire histories of their own. Each piece reveals a story, a purpose, and a lifestyle once enjoyed. We want our customers to be able to own a unique piece that is truly authentic to its period. Overall, the vintage collection is an homage to Presley's and my nostalgia, as well as our vindication that old clothes are superior to new ones. 

Our Campbell&Kramer line is a testament to the laid-back lifestyle we experience in Socal. 

Lastly, the Campbell&Kramer Collection comprises couture pieces designed by Presley and me and made in Los Angeles. We use deadstock fabric, and we produce in small batches. Each piece is unreplicable. When you purchase from Campbell&Kramer, you become part of a niche community. You are the owner of a limited edition piece. 

Presley and I are incredibly and indescribably thankful for your support. Our community and our sheer love of what we do fuel the brand. We owe it to you, ourselves, and the Earth to progress and perfect. We’re excited to keep serving you. We’re inspired to bring you rare pieces that allow you to appreciate your unique self.